Twice As Nice

Twice As Nice

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Do you have very long, porous, or extremely thick hair? Our Twice as Nice package gives you two treatmenrs instead of one at a discounted price. Calling all of my artificial redheads or those who decided to go with an extra dark pigment- this will make it much easier to cleanse out, as well as maintain the integrity and health of your hair. Ingredients: (patent pending) Treatment system to remove (or significantly fade) artificial, demi-permanent, semi-permanent, and direct-dye hair color. One treatment removes the majority of unwanted hair color overnight. Ingredients: (patent pending) non-gmo multi-blend amino acids, cocos nucifera, granulated saccharin, caprylic trigliceride, cetearyl alcohol, water, dihydrogen oxide, sodium bicarbonate.


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    It should be noted: this is NOT bleach, harsh chemicals, or anything that would be unsafe to leave on your hair overnight. This product simply allows unwanted demi-permanent color to "slip" out of the hair cuticle; you will likely notice the unwanted color on your shower floor when washing out. This product will return your hair to how it was prior to applying any color stain (oVertone, Manic Panic, etc.), while it may lighten previous permanent colors, it is not intended for the remover of permanent hair color or henna. 


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