• Lindsey Mulligan


Updated: Oct 6, 2021

Directions for use:

(pre-step): This treatment works on both damp or dry hair, and is meant to be left on the hair for 6-8 hours (while you sleep) I prefer to wash my hair at night, towel dry it until it is just slightly damp or about 80% dry, then I saturate my hair with the mixture of items 1 and 2.

It is ideal to mix and apply over a bathroom sink or old towel, some product may spill over the brim of the jar, however it will not damage anything it might spill on. Your box of Overnight Treatment includes: jar (1), teal pouch (2), gloves (for your convenience, or you may apply with barehands), a color brush or spatula to combine ingredients, and a shower cap.

Step 1: empty contents of teal pouch (2) into jar containing activating cream (1)

Step 2: Mix with color brush or spatula (included) until mixture is frothy (this will occur shortly after ingredients are combined).

***Step 3: Generously saturate hair with finished mixture, and cover hair with shower cap (included) or saran wrap *** this is the most important step, the hair must be covered to allow the mixture to stay moist until it is washed out. (If I use this on my extensions or hair swatches, I place them in a ziplock baggie overnight)

Step 4: Wet hair in the shower and wash with a clarifying shampoo, I like to rinse and repeat the shampoo process to get out any remaining color.

Step 5: Condition hair and style as the God or Goddess that you are.

If there is extra Overnight Treatment left after mixing and saturating your hair, store in a cool, dry place for future use. It is most potent after combining ingredients, but can be used for additional treatments.

Disclaimer: This product is pending patent under the United States Patent and Trademark Office and shall not be duplicated or replicated without proper licensure from ctrl+alt+delete beauty.

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