Geoff A., California

We had just dyed Marilyn’s blue hair a month before going platinum. There is no way we could have done that without your product. The hair holds the color inside so even after your products and some green came out and then we were able to tone over that but the stylist wouldn’t have even touched her hair without using your product first. The only alternative before yours was washing hair with dawn dish soap so many times and tell your hair feels like it’s going to fall out... and that doesn't even work!

Eden G., Canada

"I came across on Instagram. It was an absolute blessing as I was in the process of changing my hair color from green and blue to fuschia and purple.The product arrived to Canada, very quickly.Came with gloves, a spatula, all ingredients needed and clear, easy to follow instructions. Was very easy to mix and apply. I left it on overnight.I was absolutely amazed how much color it took out when I washed it. Also improved the condition of my dry bleached locks, as well. Thank you for creating great such an amazing product! Highly recommended for those of us that change our hair color as often as our moods ;) "

Liza S., Arizona

"Loved my treatment! Was trying to get rid of purple in my hair and the goal was achieved! Super easy to use and works like a charm!" 

Molly A., California

'Your product worked, it's magic!'