ctrl+alt+delete's Overnight Treatment is a comparable, yet virtually damage-free, alternative to "old school" color removers. It is a hair treatment for those who love to change up their look or are simply in pursuit of removing unwanted tones or underlying pigments in a way that is healthy and safe for the health of your hair. 

Ingredients: (patent pending) Treatment system to remove (or significantly fade) artificial, demi-permanent, semi-permanent, and direct-dye hair color. One treatment removes the majority of unwanted hair color overnight. Ingredients: (patent pending) non-gmo multi-blend amino acids, cocos nucifera, granulated saccharin, caprylic trigliceride, cetearyl alcohol, water, dihydrogen oxide, sodium bicarbonate.

ctrl+alt+delete's Overnight Treatment allows the hair to expel unwanted color by gently releasing amino acids into the hair's structure; these amino acids have a magnetic force on color molecules and are able to bring those molecules to the surface of the hair, allowing them to be safely and gently washed away post-treatment. 

Unlike traditional color removal systems, our Overnight Treatment does not utilize any harsh sulfates or damaging chemicals; we also pride this treatment on being vegan-based, containing ethically-sourced ingredients, as well being cruelty-free. 

***It should be noted that this product has been extensively tested by multiple laboratories specializing in cosmetic and haircare products. No image of hair transformations on the website are filtered or enhanced; images depicting results are real and accurate, and we will continue to update personal testimonies, so stay tuned! ***